Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Database Edition: Overview

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Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Database Edition enables developers to apply agile practices to the database tier. VSTS takes "One Version of the Truth" for database objects and moves it into source control. See how it interoperates with external data sources like MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • Gert Drapers
    Gert Drapers is the Group Engineering Manager for the Visual Studio Team System Database Edition product as known as the “Data Dude”. After 3 years of Ashton-Tate where he was first introduced to SQL Server in 1988, Gert joined Microsoft in 1991. Prior to his current position he was a member of the SQL Server development team where he held various positions varying from development to management. He contributed to SQL Server 7.0, 2000 and 2005; some SQL Server artifacts he worked on are: BULK INSERT, SQL-DMO, SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, DTS, SQL Agent and SMO. After SQL 2000 he joined the Indigo team where he designed the System.Transactions API and worked on MS-DTC and the web services (WS-AT) transaction specification. In September of 2003 he joined the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team where he focused on helping customers design and implement the largest SQL Server implementations in the world. In July 2005 he started the DataDude project, which goal in life is to provide an offline schema development and deployment environment for SQL Server and other data stores. Right now the team is finishing up the 3rd release of the product! When Gert is not working, he is spending time with his wife and three lovely daughters; loves to cook and make music. Besides that he is serving the SQL Server community by writing tools and articles which are published on http://SQLDev.Net and various magazines.



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