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    Best quote: "It may be odd to talk about fashion sense when discussing this nerdliest of arts..." (Douglas Crockford)
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    I wasn't even really reading the description but something stood out ... "computational theologist".   Ughh.  That's got to be the worst title ever.  Theology is the study of God or deities of some nature.  What the hell is a computational theologist?  Someone who uses a computation to study God or dieties of some nature, that's what it would mean.  Bad title.
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    Jason Kikel
    Bracha actually talks extensively about the genesis of his title and he's very proud of it.  Heuristically and mechanically speaking, there are parallels between the analysis and interpretation of Jewish law (and thus Hebrew) and the analysis and interpretation of programming languages or languages in general.  Go find some of his podcasts.
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    Brett Miller

    There is certainly a rise in the complexity of languages plus most software applications now require multiple languages/technologies to accomplish given functionality.   In order for programming to be easier, this needs to be simplified, but (if anything) the trend is for technologies to become more complex.
    Brett Miller

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