How To Develop C++ Applications for Windows 2008 R2, Server Core

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    Hello All, 

    Just wanted to update you on a recent change regarding the WoW64 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Core.  The screencast mentions that by default WOW64 is not enabled by default - which is the the case in the beta build.

    Based on customer feedback, the WOW64 will be enabled by default on a Server Core install of Windows Server 2008 R2 when it ships.  This will allow 32-bit apps to run in a default Server Core install without a problem.  If you feel like you have no use for the WOW64, you are free to remove this feature.

    Hope this helps! Smiley
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    Great screencast. But your suggestion of installing the vcredist goes against the vc++ team's deployment guidelines.  They only recommend using the vcredist for click-once applications.  I think the preferred install should be running msiexec /i Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86_x64.msm /q
    In reality though, I see everyone just installing the vcredist this way.

    Ben L.

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    Hi Ben,

    You are correct...  the preferred method of installing application dependencies is via install merge modules.   There are numerous considerations.   Consequently, we've added a "Notes On Manifests" document to the Code Gallery project associated with this topic.   Viewers may find it within the "Downloads" tab of the page at

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    Satyabrata M

    This is a very informative video.

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