Visual Studio 2005 SDK - Extending Visual Studio 2005 by integrating a Windows Form Application to a

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This is the first screencast coming from the Visual Studio SDK team. The first screencast will demonstrate how to easily extend Visual Studio by building a VS Package that will integrate an existing Windows Form Application to a Tool Window.

You should see more screencast from the Visual Studio SDK team in the upcoming months.

We hope this will help and if you have suggestions please email me with topics' suggestions or questions you have.

We have ideas for new screencasts but we're listening to you guys... so if you have questions that are unanswered or you have topics that are not as clear as you would like, please don't hesitate!

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The Discussion

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    I like the short and concise video! Kudos to you on a good presentation. I have a quick question though. Did you use the Windows Control Library template to create that tool window DLL?

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