Angular or Backbone: Go Mobile! (Part1)

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Angular or Backbone, which one you will use in your mobile app?  How could you develop a mobile app across iOS, Android or windows devices?  This talk will take an intimate look at two of today's most popular frameworks, Angular and Backbone and explore their differences.  We'll show how Apache Cordova opens the world of mobile app development to web developers. In the session, we will demonstrate a "To Do" app using Angular and Backbone, with access to native device capabilities. We'll compare the frameworks when transported to the world of mobile app development. This talk contains 3 parts:

Part 1: Angular vs Backbone

Part 2: Demo: ToDo App in Angular and Backbone

Part 3:  Mobile Apps for JavaScript Demo: ToDo App with Apache Cordova



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    Matthew Schneider

    Where is Part 3: Mobile Apps for JavaScript Demo: ToDo App with Apache Cordova?

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