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AppStudio from Microsoft ( )  is a fantastic online tool for generating 'reader' type applications.  But sometimes moving from "cool in AppStudio" to "published to the Windows 10 Store" is a less than clear process.  We will take an AppStudio app and publish it to the Windows 10 Store using the "Generate Source Code" option in AppStudio, along with a good dose of Visual Studio Community Edition 2015.  Have an app ready to go in AppStudio and come along for the ride.



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The Discussion

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    Grant Taylor

    With the help of this video I was able to easily make it through the publishing process and create my first app. Thanks to Joe Healy and here is the link to my app

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    Teşekkürler Anlatım Güzel Ellerine Sağlık
    Thanks Narration Fine

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    Joe Healy

    @sahin - Çok hoş geldiniz....

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    Andrew Moryakov

    Спасибо! Это было круто! :)

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    Thanks for the instructions and tips. I have seen your video and still to continue it watching, but the problem in my accounts is that i have noticed that there are too many redirects seen in URl. Just wanted to ask if i am under of some kind of project to where they are monitoring my browsing? some sort of seen in the code headers. Thanks.

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    Thank you Joe. I'm "JUST" getting started in code and have found your tutorials very helpful.


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    hi how are you

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