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In this video we talk to Eddie Farah about a system he built for Automate Ads to allow customers to place a line of code on to their website or mobile applications and feed all tracking data directly into their automation system. This data will help the system make real time, user-by-user based paid media decisions. This real-time automation system will create new forms of advertising possibilities, such as creating advanced retargeting campaigns, creating ads to drive users through funnel events, and intelligently segmenting and controlling offers and sales across different visitors along with Analytics


Automate Ads is a Y Combinator-backed marketing technology company co-founded by Andrew Torba and Charles Szymanski. Automate Ads helps digital advertisers optimize, attribute, and analyze their ad spend across multiple ad channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords. The system automates many day to day ad ops tasks for advertisers such as ad rotation, budget management, segmentation, A/B testing, and programmatic bid optimization.



[2:33] What is it like being on such a small impactful team?

[6:10] What is the Architecture of the Solution?

[8:53] How many events per second are in the system now?

[14:20] Streaming Solution

[17:41] AutomateAds Dashboard

[25:40] Why did you choose Azure?

[27:05] Tips for building a similar solution







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