Beginner's Guide to VS Code: Up and Running in Ten Minutes

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Got ten minutes? That's enough time to get started with VS Code, Microsoft's cross-platform, open source code editor. Become acquainted with the basics, including how to navigate files and folders, set user preferences, install extensions, and set up the git integration feature. Download git from the official website:



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The Discussion

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    Great post, but it would be very helpful if you showed how to push to remote servers like Github. I found this explanation, but it really should be included in the video!

    Thanks for a good video.

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    @Rachel Weil, I'm writing a new ebook about VS Code and I would have a couple questions. Any chance to get in touch via email, please? thanks. Alessandro

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    Oh my...
    Macs are really horrible...
    This poor girl is forced to use this piece of cr@pware that looks and feels like a clown in order to promote VS Code to Mac users.
    That's not a way to treat an employ MS ! :D

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    @AleDelSole: Hi, Alessandro! Sure--what's the best way to get in touch with you?

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    Fantastic tutorial - quick and easy to understand.  Hook 'em.

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    I can't install extensions using the command like ext install, Im using latest VS Code on Windows 10, also I can't find Can I Use? Extension, it doesn't show up in the extensions list :c

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    Thank you.  This was very helpful, as I am just starting to use Visual Studio Code!

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