Beginner's Guide to VS Code: Up and Running in Ten Minutes

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The Discussion

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    Great post, but it would be very helpful if you showed how to push to remote servers like Github. I found this explanation, but it really should be included in the video!

    Thanks for a good video.

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    @Rachel Weil, I'm writing a new ebook about VS Code and I would have a couple questions. Any chance to get in touch via email, please? thanks. Alessandro

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    Oh my...
    Macs are really horrible...
    This poor girl is forced to use this piece of cr@pware that looks and feels like a clown in order to promote VS Code to Mac users.
    That's not a way to treat an employ MS ! :D

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    @AleDelSole: Hi, Alessandro! Sure--what's the best way to get in touch with you?

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    Fantastic tutorial - quick and easy to understand.  Hook 'em.

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    I can't install extensions using the command like ext install, Im using latest VS Code on Windows 10, also I can't find Can I Use? Extension, it doesn't show up in the extensions list :c

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    Thank you.  This was very helpful, as I am just starting to use Visual Studio Code!

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