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When you are building a mobile app or a website mostly likely you are going to need some type of data repository. This can be either files, video or in the form of a "database". In order to access these repositories you need some sort of access mechanism. Sometimes it is a library or SDK others it is a connection to the database. However, with a mobile app or even websites that are distributed the connection to these repositories can be tricky. You need to create some sort of endpoint for these. Back in the day these were called Web Services now they are called API or Web API's. Creating them can be time consuming as well. You have to create all of the routines needed to get and put data. You will need to create authentication mechanisms to make sure the proper user is getting and putting data. All in all this could be very time consuming.

Until today! Enter in Azure Mobile Services. A quick and easy way to consume an API endpoint for iOS, Android, Windows and HTML/JavaScript. We will look at creating these API's using the "Classic Azure Portal". It is much different in the New Portal and we will tackle that later.

First off, make sure you sign up for your Azure account before we begin.

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