Build Adaptive UI's for Phones, Tablets, Desktops, Xbox, and More

Play Build Adaptive UI's for Phones, Tablets, Desktops, Xbox, and More
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Windows 10 is now installed on over 200 million computers and devices and is the final destination for the convergence of "One Windows across all devices", allowing you to build for every device running Windows 10 (phones, tablets, desktops, Xbox, HoloLens and more) with one project.  With quite an array of devices and form factors, an Adaptive UI is necessary to provide the optimum capabilities and user experience for each.  Microsoft has gone a long way to provide new tooling and controls to help you do just that, ensuring that your customers have a great experience regardless of device.  Join me as we explore new features, XAML controls, and APIs for developers in the Universal Windows Platform and Visual Studio to help you build a UI that adapts to so many devices.


1. UWP Design Principles

2. What devices are you designing for?

3. Design Techniques for Adaptive UI

4. How to Build an Adaptive UI/ New XAML Features in UWP




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