Travis Won't Accept My Packages - Testing Hardware with Suz Hinton

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Travis Won't Accept My Packages - Testing Hardware

In this talk, Suz Hinton discusses the process of automated testing for hardware. From continuous integration testing using Travis CI, setting up webhooks in Github and leveraging a Raspberry PI as a dedicated server, she highlights some of the processes and some of the issues she came across for automated hardware testing.

[01:44] Meow Shoes 

[02:00] P.U.R.R Bracelet

[02:30] Print Your Own Adventure - Thermal Printer

[03:25] Oled.js

[04:28] Testing Hardware libraries

[08:45] Physical Hardware integration testing

[08:55] Travis CI 

[10:50] Setting up an automated testing server

[14:35] Oled.js test rig 

[14:35] Oled.js test rig 

[17:00] Using Tinkercad

[18:00] Using a Raspberry PI as your computer 

[19:10] Node modules : Github Webhook Handler, Simple Git, Node Imgur, Johnny-Five,Oled.js

[25:03] " Do a thing" 


The slides for this talk are available

About Suz Hinton

Suz Hinton is a JavaScript developer who likes to tinker with hardware. A maker at heart, she's no stranger to minor burns from soldering irons and 3D printers. She's a regular contributor to the open source Node.js electronics scene, and enjoys teaching others how to immerse themselves in the nerdiverse. Find her on twitter @noopkat or visit her site

About JS Open Day 

At JS Open Day in NYC on December 11, 2015, we had 8 great speakers talk about web development and design throughout the day. With over 200 attendees, we spent the day learning about interactive music, how to leverage javascript to "javascript all the things", the state of Angular 2.0 - and we donated over 450 lbs to the food bank thanks to the graciousness of attendees. 




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