Continuous Deployment to an Azure Web App Deployment Slot

Play Continuous Deployment to an Azure Web App Deployment Slot

The Discussion

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    sreekumar menon

    Thanks for the video on azure function slots.

    q: what happens to the staging slot after it is swapped? is it a throw away slot ? or will it be used for the next version(s)? or do we create new staging slots every time?

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    @sreekumar menon:behind the scenes it's an IP swap, so it is still's pointing to your previous version of the code. If something goes bad, you can swap it back in. When you are ready, deploy your next version of code over it and your ready to swap again. So it looks kind of like this...

    Prod = v1; Staging = v2...swap...Prod =v2; Staging = v1.

    Deploy v3 to Staging

    Prod = v2; Staging = v3...swap...Prod=v3; Staging = v2.

    Deploy v4 to Staging

    Prod = v3; Staging = v4...swap...Prod = v4; Staging = v3...(oops, deployed bug)...swap...Prod = v3; Staging = v4 

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