Developing for the Microsoft Band with Android

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In Part One we looked at getting up and running using Web Tiles and building a quick demo for a Windows Phone. In this episode we now look at setting up our computer to develop for the Band and well as building an Android application.

  • Development setup for Windows
  • Development setup for Mac
  • Building a Heart Rate Subscription App using Android Studio

 [00:50] - Windows Development Setup
 [01:47] - Mac Development Setup
 [02:24] - New Project in Android Studio
 [04:05] - Band Client
 [06:30] - Subscription - Consent
 [08:04] - Event Listener
 [09:39] - Wire up front end
 [10:40] - Manifest update
 [11:00] - Demo
 [12:45] - Links and help







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The Discussion

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    Ron Huebner

    Does this code work with Android 6.0? I recently got a Band2 and the Microsoft Health app did not support Android 6 until an update in early December. I get a band not connected response with this demo even though the Band2 shows connected in the Microsoft Health app.

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    Ron Huebner

    The January 2016 SKD update fixes this issue with Bluetooth connectivity to Android 6.

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