Do Art and Code Go Together? with Jenn Schiffer

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Does Jenn Schiffer think that Art and Code Go Together? Duh of course she does. 

In this talk, Jenn shows some of her own exploration of the intersection of art and code using JavaScript, from tools to enable users to make their own 8 bit art, to learning about art with JavaScript with the Vart Institute


[11:00] Installation by @whichlight

[12:00] ArtHackDay at PioneerWorks 

[17:50] Making tools for artists 

[22:55] p5.js

Slides are available on Github 

About Jenn Schiffer

Jenn Schiffer is an open web engineer at Bocoup, creator of, and tech humorist. She also organizes the JerseyScript meetup for front-end developers in New Jersey, where she lives on purpose.

About JS Open Day 

At JS Open Day in NYC on December 11, 2015, we had 8 great speakers talk about web development and design throughout the day. With over 200 attendees, we spent the day learning about interactive music, how to leverage javascript to "javascript all the things", the state of Angular 2.0 - and we donated over 450 lbs to the food bank thanks to the graciousness of attendees. 



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