Download Windows 10 and Create USB Thumb Drive for Booting to Installation PLUS Data Migration

Play Download Windows 10 and Create USB Thumb Drive for Booting to Installation PLUS Data Migration

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    Ron Bartley

    I have done this in the past, works great.
    It would be nice if Microsoft would let us know when we should upgrade our current USB sticks. In other words let us know when a new version is ready for download.

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    Windows Migration Wizard (Easy Transfer) application from prior versions of windows (like windows 7 or windows 8)
    (located in /Windows/System32/migwiz/migwiz.exe ) (just copy entire migwiz folder) able to run fine in windows 10 as well.

    It will transfer per user application settings and files but is not going to install 3rd party applications. you need to install 3rd party applications. However it will give you a report which applications needs to be installed.

    Also rufus tools will also allow you to create bootable USB OS as well and not only limited to windows 10


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    I don't know if Microsoft policy has changed in the past but at one time a new version of Windows could not be installed on a machine that didn't have a valid Microsoft operating system already.  As an example, I currently am using a laptop with Fedora (linux) and can't get Windows 10 installed.

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    William T

    @Tom_Wood, I have seen Windows have difficulty repartitioning a drive which has a non-MS disk format. However, a simple clean command in Diskpart (available through command prompt if you press SHIFT+F10 during setup) will wipe the disk and make it ready for install.<br><br>I have seen the media creation tool, and it seems to work OK, but I like to have a few different versions of Windows available for my different jobs. I&#39;d like to see a multiboot option using multiple install sources like Windows 7, Windows 10, and Server 2012 R2 all on one drive. I&#39;ve got 3rd-party options, at least, but they&#39;re not the simplest of operations to set up.

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    I upgraded to 10 and lost control of my web cam

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    Alfredo Daniel

    I converted my Desktop from 8.1 to 10, but Ido not like it, if I can make it like 8.1 desktop.
    I got a Laptop 8.1 but I am afraid to convert it to Win 10

    Can I make win 10 behave like Win 8.1 ????

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    Mr J

    This should be cool. I used a program called YUMI and its a bit better than Rufus to create discs. Allows for multibuilds.

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    Trevor Oates

    @Alfredo Daniel
    To make windows 10 look like windows 8.1
    Click the Notification Icon in the task bar.
    Click the Icon labelled Tablet Mode and you're done.

    Repeat to turn it back again

    Works on desktops & laptops as well as tablets.

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    Ralph Williamson

    I upgraded a HP Stream 7 Tab from 8.1 to w 10. It has slowed (an already slow)my tab to nearly DOA. Can I go back.
    I had to use a stick, a usb bridge with ethernet port to upgrade.

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    I have Win 7 x64 Ultimate. I have a peer to peer network with up to 10 users at sometimes. I converted a unit to Win 10 and didn't get the network functionality I get from Win 7. MUCH harder to share folders and especially C: root directory.

    What can I do to regain my network usability so I can convert the other boxes. Win 10 is heads over hands better than 8.1 but then I'm using it for business not play so I need my network sharing capabilities WITHOUT using HOME. Til I figure that out I'm sticking to Win 7

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    @Ralph Williamson: In Settings, under Update and Security, you can go to the Recovery section and there should be an option to go back to Windows 8.1.

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    Can somebody please help with with the best way of transferring my Windows 10 image from the current HDD that I am replacing with a SDD?




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    Tom Ford

    @Tom_Wood I changed from LINUX to WINDOWS 10, but had to change C partition from FAT to NTFS(windows). Use Disk Management. worked for me.

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    Love windows 10 and have given up buying comuter mags because of the constant warnings of doom if we use 10. Looking back through the mags, the blue screen of death with the then hated XP list upon list of how to make it work as it should with yes updates. Along comes another OS and blow me down XP is the best OS ever. similar with 7, 8 and 8.1. Now we see comments I like my ten year old OS it does everything I want, fine stay with it but if that means a company has to keep spending time and money on obsolete systems. Do other software companies wish to keep making compatible versions of their latest offering or should they too have cut off point? Some like the challenge of the lastest technology (I have gone from a ZX to my powerful PC today) others master an OS and want to stick with it.

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    Jon Lipp

    I've been reading the same complaints about 10 as I read when Microsoft released almost every other operating system they have released since Windows 3.0. Back then it was, "It was a lot easier to just type a command..." It will always be that way for a lot of users who don't want change.
    For those who want a system that is more user friendly, use something other than a MS product. You will find< though< that you lose a whole lot of options and settings that Windows makes available to those who are truly interested in using a computer rather than just surfing the web or playing solitaire. Microsoft has already removed a lot of options and settings due to all of the crying and whining.
    ANY newly released system is going to have an adjustment period for users and software/hardware developers to adapt.
    For those that want to use the argument that Windows 10 had the development team give their input prior to general release, the development team did NOT consist of the millions of users and various machines that only comes after a general release to the entire public.
    You always have the option of being an "ostrich" and stay uninformed and backward.

    windows 3.0

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    I have windows 10 on several computers, but had to put windows 7 back on a couple of them as windows 10 has become so unstable with recent updates. Microsoft are not doing enough to make the system stable for other software than it's own!
    I like windows 10, so lets hope they get it right A.S.P

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    I wold like to add two warning to this method as described that has not been mentioned.

    First is the new Windows 10 may not activate, this would be because there is no legit Product ID, so be sure you have one when installing a new machine, upgrade will normally be fine.

    The other is prompted by the last poster, I have to add that not all machines are able to run Windows 10 like they say.   One needs to check the manufacture's website to see if they support Windows 10 on their model of machine, you will be amazed that most manufactures only support machines at are less than 5 years old as an average.  an 8 year old Dell is not supported.

    So check your machine will upgrade.    I have seen lots who have run into problems.


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    Randall Gibson

    My wife accidentally accepted the Windows 10 upgrade on her Dell laptop. After a bit of a learning curve she was able to get things working. Well.... Something happened and now our home wifi network is considered "public" by the computer so she can't access the Internet. Yes, she gets addresses (IPV4 and 6) from DHCP, but can't connect to anything outside of our LAN. All other computers at the house work fine. I've found dozens or articles on how to switch it from public to private, change sharing settings, remove the stored network settings and re-create, etc. None of them work. Note: The computer says that it has joined our homegroup too, but it still says that our home network is public and gives limited Internet access. My "fix"? I had to run an Ethernet cable to her laptop! Worked fine three days ago!!!
    My question to Microsoft: If you are going to cripple wifi access on "public" Internet, how are folks going to be able to use public wifi at coffee shops or hotels? BTW, I have no such problems with any of my Windows 7 machines.

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    William T

    @Randall Gibson, the problem you describe is not related to &quot;public&quot; network settings. Something else has gone wrong. I recommend system restore and virus scan, or if you are within 30 days of having done the Windows 10 upgrade, reverting back to the Windows 7 which is still present on the computer. If you&#39;ve activated Windows 10, you can always do the upgrade again later, even after the free upgrade program has expired. This will give Microsoft time to figure out what they did wrong with your drivers, if that&#39;s the issue.

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    Here is a quick powershell-fix that you might find useful...

    $manuscript = $manuscript -replace "I'm gonna go ahead and",""

    You are welcome.


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    Here are some comments on the above comments.
    “Microsoft should let us know when we should upgrade our current USB sticks.” Response: Yes, they should.
    “Love windows 10 and have given up buying computer mags because of the constant warnings of doom if we use 10.” Response: If the writer’s can’t find fault, what would they write about?
    “…support Windows 10 on their model of machine, you will be amazed that most manufactures only support machines at are less than 5 years old as an average. An 8 year old Dell is not supported.” Response: One of my machines, a built-like-a-rock HP Compaq NX9420 laptop, runs Windows 10 very well, and it is 10 years old.

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    @Alfredo Daniel: There is a free third party utility called Classic Shell which lets you set your PC to have a starting desktop that looks and behaves just like whichever previous version of Windows you prefer. It is available here:

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    If You want things to go smooth..

    1st) Backup all your important files (pictures, music videos, docs, etc..) to an external hard drive.

    2nd) Make sure you have all the installation programs and activation codes for all your programs. In case you have to reinstall.

    3rd) Get a backup program that can backup your hard drive to an external hard drive.

    MACRIUM Has a free version and it works great for this purpose.

    4th) Backup your hard drive as an image backup to an external hard drive.

    5th) Check for upgraded drivers for your computer hardware and if available for windows 10 download them to an external hard drive so you are ready when you upgrade. In some cases if Win10 drivers are not available get the most current.. In most cases windows 10 will figure out the hardware and drivers, but in some cases you may need to use oem drivers. A Special note on Drivers:... Let Windows update run for several hours, reboot, and let run again for several hours as Microsoft has a lot of additional drivers available if the initial install did not update all your hardware drivers.

    6th) If you are looking to upgrade for free to windows 10, you must first download and install Windows 10 onto your existing windows operating system. In most cases this will be a disaster, however if you can complete the upgrade the new version will activate. Look for the activation by right clicking on your my computer icon, go to properties and you should see the activated notice towards the bottom. Once activated, your hardware will be entered into the microsoft servers, and you can then install, or reinstall windows 10 without needing an activation code.

    7th) Once activated, download and create bootable windows 10 installation on a flash drive or DVD, and do a clean install of windows 10.(Reformat the drive) during the clean install. Make sure you remove all partitions.
    If you want you can keep the recovery partition from the factory, but it will be just taking up space unless you want to revert back to what your computer came with. If you have performed an image backup with Macrium before upgrading, you should be fine deleting all partitions.

    8th) Do windows update for several hours, reboot, reboot, reboot

    9th) Install your programs

    10th) Copy back from external hard drive all your important files.

    11th) This is very important download and install "CLASSIC SHELL". This program will revert your start menu to a configuration that you will defiantly like. It will hide the tiles and allow you to run start so that it responds like anything from windows 98 up to windows 7 and is fully configurable. It may be best to download this program ahead of time, and make it the first program installed as it will make navigating the start menu and your computer 100 times easier. 

    As a last note:  Understand that I do not reply to questions, I very seldom go into these forums.

    If you are not comfortable understanding what I have written here, then you should not be upgrading to windows 10 just cuz it is available.

    Installing or upgrading an operating system takes guts, and experience to pull off right.

    IF It ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    to transfer disk to an ssd use acronis clone disk works very well

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    As far as fresh installs, I have always had a little trouble going from linux to windows, ever since Win7.

    Run DD on the drive and have it just write 0's (faster than random)

    This has fixed 99% of any machines that had trouble installing windows as it scrubs the drive totally. Takes a while on spinner drives, but you can set it, go to bed, and the next morning know it will work.

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    Don Mazar

    I am ALWAYS impressed with your posts, and also with the attitudes of MOST commentaries. Keep it up...

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    @The Intro It's nice that you can handle After Effects, but thous hard dupstep  is a little bit too exagerated. A simple 3D animation with a little bit AE for refine would be enouth. But the rest of the video is great.


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    My HDD is failing, although at the moment it still runs, albeit slowly. I haver bought a 480gb SSD to replace it, and have downloaded the boot up program for Win 10 to a USB drive. Will reinstalling Win 10 using USB drive automatically recognise my existing Win 10 licence? I upgraded to Win 10 from win 8.1

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    masn wasel

    I want windows 10

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    Robert Sprenger

    OK..But what about a UFEI setup...You will need to convert usb with say "Rufus"..

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    Robert Sprenger

    Sorry misspell in previous post should be UEFI

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    @Tom_Wood: it depends on what kind of license you are trying to install. An OEM license, enterprise license, or retail licenses will all work.  MSDN also works.

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