DreamSpark - Activating Your Windows 10 Publisher Account

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Students get a free Windows 10 publisher account via the DreamSpark.com program.  But its not the most straight forward thing to get going.  During this video we walk you through getting a publisher code from DreamSpark.com and using it to activate a students Windows 10 publisher account.  Added benefit, right now our publisher accounts are for life, so our student will have a lifetime Windows publisher account.  No credit card required!

Student?  Need to know how to get your DreamSpark account setup and activate your Azure benefit, no credit card required?  Video here to help you out - http://bit.ly/dreamsparkstudentactivation .

STOP AND GO FORMAT - This video is designed in a format so you may pause, complete an action and then continue.  By the end of the video you should have completed the task you are working . 

Enjoy, and if you post any Windows apps to the store using the technique here, post a link back to this video.



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