Global Game Jam 2016: Motion Capture Part 2

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Global Game Jam 2016 Demo Part 1
Site: SCAD Atlanta
Digital Media Center Theatre

MobaCap owner / artist / animator / trainer James Martin demonstrates Motion Capture On Demand using a Perception Neuron suit and Access Neuron software to create and record human animations in real time. In this video, James demonstrates how to personify a pre-existing human avatar model rigged for skeletal and facial animation. He uses three avatars: a basketball player, a long-haired woman with a fluid cloth dress, and a body-builder. 

In Part 1, the previous video, James explained the configuration of the 32 "neurons" placed around the motion capture "suit" he is wearing, showed how to calibrate the sensors, and how to instantly animate a rigged humanoid 3D model. 

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