Gaming in the Cloud (2) - Structure And Resources

Play Gaming in the Cloud (2) - Structure And Resources
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Structure and Resources

In this video we will talk through the structure of this course.  The general structure is you, the viewer, will be walked through how to implement some of the core concepts of 2D Game Design with Construct 2.  That said, you encouraged to take these concepts and branch out to start creating your own custom game.  A list of resources for extra tutorials, assets, and references is below.  You can find everything you need for this course at


***Course Resources - ***

***Course Resources - ***


Have you ever thought about creating your own mobile game, but didn't know where to get started? Do you think that only experienced developers have the ability to do so? Fear not, with Construct 2, a free game making tool, you can create mobile games without writing ANY CODE! You will learn the skills to create a game which can take many different forms. You can do a shooting game, an infinite runner, an infinite jumper, etc., store high scores, have menus and navigation screens, support touch, etc.

By the end of this series, you will have created a completed 2D Mobile Game that is hosted as a website for you to share with all of your friends and family. Additionally, you will create a Wordpress site to promote your game. All in all, you will gain experience with 2D Game Making, the cloud by way of Windows Azure, and tips for promoting yourself and your game.

***Course Resources - ***


Module 1

  • Structure and Resources
  • Intro and Download
  • First Project and Exploring the IDE

Module 2

  • Sprites and Behaviors
  • Tilemaps And Layers
  • Adding Objects

Module 3

  • Event Sheet Intro
  • Variables and Groups

Module 4

  • Heads Up Display Part 1
  • Heads Up Display part 2
  • Player Animation
  • Navigation and Functions

Module 5

  • Signing up for Dreamspark and Azure
  • Creating a Wordpress site in Azure
  • Creating site to host your game in Azure

Module 6

  • Adding extras to your game






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