Halo, Minecraft, and More! How Microsoft Studios Processes Gaming Event Data

Play Halo, Minecraft, and More! How Microsoft Studios Processes Gaming Event Data
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I like data and I like games. When I heard my friend Karan Gulati's job included both of these things, I thought it was too good to be true. Obviously we have to get to the bottom of this... We'll talk with him about his job at Microsoft Studios and learn about his most recent project creating a data pipeline for an undisclosed game ;)


[2:31] Personas that consume these pipelines

[5:08 ] How Microsoft Studio processes gaming event data 

[9:27 ] Azure Data Factory

[18:00] Event hubs or Kafka?

[20:00] Karan's advice if you're building something similar!


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The Discussion

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    interesting video on how Microsoft Studios capture data and process that data for analytics.

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    Karan's got a very interesting job. Kind of similar to what I'm doing for the next few months. In my case however, instead of playing games which is way cooler, I get to watch games (sports) and then do a bunch of analytics on the data collected at various games and training. Trying to get the system really performant before leaving it in the hands of real data experts and coaches who can make sense of the resulting information.

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    I'm a large fan of plaything. My son and that i have spent hours building the model on the box and so taking it apart and creating no matter else we tend to needed by rearranging the components. Minecraft provides youngsters constant inventive freedom, however it's easier on your checking account. Plus, you will ne'er tread on a loose piece barefoot within the dark.
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    i love minecraft.

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