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This video will walk you through how to configure and integrate HockeyApp with Xamarin.Forms:

We started off by following the HockeyApp documentation (How To Integrate HockeyApp with Xamarin).

During development, we recorded the actual HockeyApp integration process on video, to provide you with a rundown of exactly what you need to know to bring HockeyApp into your project!

In this video, we capture a real-life example of bringing HockeyApp into a Xamarin Mobile App project, which includes:

Our project contained a scenario where we needed to capture custom metrics from our shared code in our Xamarin projects in order to assess user behavior. This required a customized solution using dependency injection to allow access to values in the shared code from our platform-specific projects.

We needed to use Dependency Injection to see this project through. Step-by-step instructions on how this was done are available on Gavin Bauman's Blog. While the source code for this video will not be available because it is a private project, Paul DeCarlo's GitHub repo (HockeyApp Integration for Xamarin Forms) contains all the lines of code used throughout the narration.

Note: Viewers will notice that Intellisense in Xamarin.Forms code doesn't work in Visual Studio 2015. One work-around for this issue is to install 3rd-party software such as ReSharper.



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