Interactive Music in the Browser - An interview with JavaScript Developer Yotam Mann

Play Interactive Music in the Browser - An interview with JavaScript Developer Yotam Mann
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Yotam Mann is a musician and programmer who creates open-ended compositions realized collaboratively with listeners. His interactive music pieces includes three Chrome Experiments, a commission, multiple apps, and an installation with Matthew Dear. Yotam is also the author of the Web Audio framework, Tone.js. 

Yotam did a presentation at JS Open Day about Interactive Music in the browser. The browser has become the primary way that many of us listen to music, but streaming services don't take full advantage of the musical affordances of this platform. Imagine if the songs you listened to were different on every play, or changed based on weather, or let you perform along with them. With the introduction of new JavaScript APIs and libraries, the browser is now both a means of music production and distribution, which opens up wonderful new possibilities for creators and listeners.

At JS Open Day in NYC, I sat down with Yotam to talk about the possibilities of audio in the browser currently and what it means to create and open source a personal project. 

[00:35]-Which camera do I talk to Stacey?

[00:55]-The interactive nature of web audio makes it exciting

[02:00]-From jazz improvisation study to MAX MSP

[03:10]-Why Yotam created Tone.js.

[05:00]-Utility versus playfulness

[05:30]-"You are one tab of many"

[06:30]- Where do you start with Web Audio( when you have no idea where to start )

Check back to see Yotam's recorded presentation "Interactive Music in the Browser" to get inspired to start playing with web audio & interactive experiences in the browser.



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