Interactive Music in the Browser with Yotam Mann

Play Interactive Music in the Browser with Yotam Mann
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Explore the world of music and the Web Audio API  in the Browser, where it can create connected and interactive experiences.  Walk through some different interaction models utilizing sound. The browser is now a medium for creation and distribution of music and get inspired with some projects such as jazz computer and

[01:30] Web Audio 

[02:50] Opportunities for new interaction models using sound

[03:50] Padatap

[05:50] Richer

[08:50] How to create meaningful music experiences 

[11:10] Open Source Contribution -Tone.js. - framework for making interactive music in the browser

[16:15] Jazz Computer project using Tone.js. 

[17:24] - using Tone.js. 

[16:00] Production & Distribution - Browser and music

[17:00] Interactive Music Videos

[20:00] What now? Live Coding - Programming as Performance

The slides from this talk are available

About Yotam Mann

Yotam Mann is a musician and programmer who creates open-ended compositions realized collaboratively with listeners. His interactive music pieces includes three Chrome Experiments, a commission, multiple apps, and an installation with Matthew Dear. Yotam is also the author of the Web Audio framework, Tone.js. 

About JS Open Day 

At JS Open Day in NYC on December 11, 2015, we had 8 great speakers talk about web development and design throughout the day. With over 200 attendees, we spent the day learning about interactive music, how to leverage javascript to "javascript all the things", the state of Angular 2.0 - and we donated over 450 lbs to the food bank thanks to the graciousness of attendees. 



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