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Welcome to Intro to Construct2! I designed a tutorial to use the main aspects of Construct2. Please use the timestamps below to jump to the section you want to watch. 

Getting Started

In order to get started with Construct2 you can download the program from this site by clicking the green "Download" button. I'm using the free version in this demo. 


Table of Contents

Inserting A Background [01:32]

Inserting A Sprite [02:22]

Adding Animation [02:38]

Adding Behaviors [06:49], [07:27]

Adding Input [06:57]

Cutting Out Whitespace Around A Sprite [10:48]

Layers [14:05]

Sprite Duplication [15:28]

Events [17:20]

Enemy Movement [23:00]

Variables [23:20]

Health [28:14]

Win Screen And Other Levels  [34:50]




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