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Microsoft teamed up with Playcrafting to host a Global Game Jam in NYC from January 29th-31st! Over 300 people attended and jammed throughout the weekend.

David Kuelz gave his Intro to Narrative Design for Game Developers talk at Global Game Jam.

David Kuelz is a freelance writer and narrative designer based in New York. Shortly after making his own game After, David founded Awkward Pegasus Studios, a freelance writing and story consulting company that focuses on working with new developers and indie studios. He also teaches game writing and narrative design classes for Playcrafting NYC and The Gotham Writers' Workshop.

A little about Playcrafting:

Playcrafting empowers the game development community through education, networking, and collaboration. They offer workshops, classes, courses and events for game developers and those aspiring to make games in topics including game design, programming, art, business, and more.



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