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    The sound of the interview is absurdly low.

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    Oh, I wanted to see this man since 2008 when I met WCF

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    Absolutely right!

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    Jimmy John

    What kinds of applications would use this? What apps did Juval implement using it? Or is this just theory?

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    There a lot of customer of Juval - http://idesign.net/customers

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    Definitely came away thinking that there are HTTP microservices, SRP web APIs, and then there are Juval's, visionary, almost academic microservices of the ambient computing future.

    Probably need a discrete buzzword for each.

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    Luke, I would recommend digging into the IDesign Method further. Technology choices, such as whether to expose an api through http and/or a bus or queues are not prescribed by Juval's approach. The subsystems in that methodology more stringently adhere to SRP than a typical functional decomposition. Check out this vid (pardon the audio quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIC7QW62-Tw

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    Reifnir, thanks for the link, I'm on restricted internet right now but I'll check it out later.

    I guess my point is that the Build demo on the Microservices architecture of Age of Ascent is what I recognise and have been building or evangelising in my day job, whereas Juval's talking about 1000s of services (!) and throwing out ideas like 'int as a service' and it feels to me like this isn't the same thing, it's almost philosophical, it's nanoservices, and perhaps an approach to a framework or fabric that I would build on, as opposed to build myself.

    So my point was about taxonomy and naming.

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    Great to hear Juval after a long time !!

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    Thank you Doris for sharing this great post.
    Check this one as well...
    "The Macro Challenges with Developing Micro-Services"

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