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Full source project:  https://github.com/jasonrwalters/Unity_CustomInspector

Display variables created in scripts to be displayed in a GameObject's inspector.
- Useful for adjusting game parameters during play tests in the Unity Editor.
- Useful for debugging values when you do not need to draw messages to the screen.

Public Variables
Public variables will be displayed in the inspector. Note, `public static` variables will NOT be displayed in the inspector.

public float var1;
public int var2;
public bool var3;

Private Variables
In order to see private variables in the inspector, you must place `[SerializeField]` ahead of each item.
private float var1; 
private int var2; 
private bool var3;

public string text = "This is a string";

Use `[Space(height)]` between each item that requires a space. Height is in pixels.
public float var1; 
public float var2;
public float var3;

Place `[Range(min, max)]` ahead of variables that need a slider in the inspector. Requires a minimum and maximum value.
[Range(1f, 10f)] 
public float var1; 

Drop Downs
public enum Selector 
One = 0, 
Two = 1, 
Three = 2, 
Four = 3 
public Selector select = Selector.One;

public Color rgba;
public Gradient gradient;



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