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Create your first Unity2d game in just 7 steps. In this tutorial, I will show you  how to create a simple Unity2D game that will transport you right back to the 80s with a  Pong style clone.  In this tutorial, you will learn how to

  • create multiple graphics from a spritesheet
  • set up collision detection
  • capture keyboard input
  • move items using Unity Physics
  • add background sound
  • add sound fx on collision


[00:04] Importing a Spritesheet and making multiple sprites

[05:19] Layout Assets

[09:35] Make Rackets Move

[16:58] Add new axis to Input Manager

[20:24] Add Movement to the Ball

[30:35] Restart Game on Wall Collision

[40:39] Add Background Sound

[42:13] Add Sound on Collision


You can download the finished files

This tutorial builds upon this great intro to Unity tutorial and will be making all the extensions suggested plus more.



The Discussion

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    Good tutorial, thanks.

    There is a mistake in the right racket code.
    the direction vector should be (-1, y) whereas you have (-1,0).
    You can see that all of your right racket hits come back in a straight line.

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