Electroknit! Pixel to Textile - Programming a Knitting Machine with JS by Mariko Kosaka

Play Electroknit! Pixel to Textile - Programming a Knitting Machine with JS by Mariko Kosaka
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Electroknit! Pixel to Textile

Electroknit is a craft project to convert graphics into knitted patterns for an electric knitting machine. What does it take to turn a digital image into a physical object like a knitted sweater? The answer is series of image processing operations. As web engineer, we take it for granted Generic Episode Image displays an image because it is a "digital photo." Let's look at what "a Pixel" is & how you can manipulate for fun with Canvas API & JavaScript.

[01:00] Knitting is like coding 

[03:55] Reverse engineering a knitting machine

[08:00] Process to get image to knitting machine

[17:42] IOT Boilerplate


The slides from this talk are available.

About Mariko Kosaka

Mariko is an international speaker who is currently a Javascript developer at Scripto, a company that makes modern television writing and production application. She is the co-organizer of Brooklyn JS and explores programming textiles with JS.


About JS Open Day 

At JS Open Day in NYC on December 11, 2015, we had 8 great speakers talk about web development and design throughout the day. With over 200 attendees, we spent the day learning about interactive music, how to leverage javascript to "javascript all the things", the state of Angular 2.0 - and we donated over 450 lbs to the food bank thanks to the graciousness of attendees. 



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