Project Nami an Open Source WordPress for Azure SQL and SQL Server

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If you're like me and think Not Another MySQL Install, when you go to setup WordPress... then look no further. A couple months back (I know I'm late, I'm sorry!!) I got to drive out to Alabama and talk with the minds behind Project Nami. We covered everything from deploying your blog, migrating your current WordPress blog over, and how simple it is to keep WordPress updated when running Project Nami. This is Open Source folks! So, lend a hand...

Azure Blog: Project Nami: WordPress for Azure SQL Database/SQL Server

[01:14] - What Project Nami is about
[11:43] - Deploying Project Nami
[18:41] - Migrating to Project Nami
[23:43] - Deeper into Project Nami
[29:50] - Updating Project Nami
[32:36] - Where is Project Nami in the wild





The Discussion

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    Very exciting if themes and plug-in migrate without problems. Will give it a try.

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    They should. It is a true WordPress install with a different data access layer...

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    @cedricmi:Yep, What @devdash said. Any plugin or theme that uses the WordPress API/Core functions won't have any issues. Troubles arise when plugins/themes do direct SQL queries against the database, which of course are written in MySQL, rather than MSSQL -- then stuff breaks.

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