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Although we have added the SplitView control to XAML with the ability to create a hamburger menu, we lack documentation on how to actually create the hamburger button. Honestly, I have searched and found very few things that provide insight and no documentation that shows exactly how to do so. Because of this, I figured it would be nice to go ahead and document that here.

The idea is pretty simple, basically we are just creating a button and styling it as a hamburger button. But where do we find the Hamburger Icon? For this we are going to use the Segoe MDL2 Assets font. You can find a list of the different icons available in this font here, http://modernicons.io/segoe-mdl2/cheatsheet/. This site provides all the codes for the different icons. So, where exactly is the Hamburger Button? There it is! I just did a Control+F to find it.

**Blog Post - http://jamesqquick.com/windows-10-splitview-creating-a-hamburger-button/ **

**GitHub sample – https://github.com/jqquick223/Win10Universal/tree/master/HamburgerButton **



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