Responsive Web Design & Mentoring - An Interview with Web Designer Daniel Mall

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Dan Mall is an award-winning creative director & advisor from Philadelphia; an enthralled husband and dad; founder & Director of SuperFriendly; and co-founder of Typedia, The Businessology Show, No Chains, and swfIR. He was formerly Design Director at Big Spaceship, Interactive Director at Happy Cog, and a technical editor for A List Apart. He writes about design and other issues on Twitter and on his site

At JS Open Day in NYC, Dan did a stellar presentation about Responsive Web Design including approaches to adapt workflow and deliverables for this ever changing landscape. I was able to sit down with him and talk a little about Responsive Web Design and three tips you can take away, how he works and who he works with, and his passion for mentoring.

When it comes to mentoring, Dan does something a little bit different. He takes on an intern and provides them with substantial and high level project experience - however his interns come in with zero design or development skills. Dan looks to provide people who need a career change or even just a chance, with the opportunity to work with one of the industries top web designers to grow and learn.

[00:25] - How do you name your own company?

[03:00] - Responsive Web Design - three tips to take away

[03:21] - Responsive Web Design - Try it. It won't take more time.

[04:09] - Responsive Web Design - Design for smallest screen possible, and add breakpoints where you need them.

[04:50] - Responsive Web Design - It's an ever evolving practice and is constantly changing.

[05:18] - The Great Divide

[05:30] - Mentoring those who need it through an apprenticeship program

[06:32] - Denial of a cold, cold heart

[07:16] - Interns with no experience get industry ready in 9 months

[08:10] - Hire from Daniel Mall's program

Dan's talk about the Responsive web will be up shortly, check back to hear his amazing insights on how to approach designing and developing for all screen sizes.





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The Discussion

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    Steve Ramsay

    Hearing Dan's talk at JSOpenDay and then this the guy really has a great feel for the best way to approach responsive design. Keeps it basic but highly effective and his mentoring program is such a cool give back. Love the fact that his brother in law bartered for a life changing career into a web dev. Greta story.

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