Thoughts on React, Mobile Testing & Building Communites - An interview with JavaScript Developer Jed Schmidt

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Jed is a JavaScript developer based in Brooklyn and is currently the resident web nerd at UNIQLO in NYC. Jed is often seen on github, soundcloud, and twitter.

At JS Open Day in NYC, Jed gave an entertaining presentation on what it means to start and foster a community. If you are looking to start your own "meetup" or event, Jed shares some tips on how to keep things running, entertaining and still provide a learning environment that is anything but boring.

I sat down with Jed and we talked about what it means to work on a small, scrappy team that is all remote, the importance and reality of testing, JavaScript frameworks and React.js , along with my hidden talent of mastering the kazoo. I offered my services, he didn't seem sold. I can't blame him.


[00:40] - Staring contests to introduction

[02:15] - Creating communities - Brooklyn.js

[04:00] - Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. Just because.

[05:00] - Working as part of a remote team  

[05:40] - Thoughts about React

[06:10] - Where to get started with React

[07:00] - Learn as fast as you can

[08:35] - How do you keep up?

[10:12] - Testing ( and with React ). - AirBnB Enzyme

[12:00] - Prioritizing bugs and features and analytics


Jed's fantastic talk on how to build communities and building the Boro JS will be available soon, so check back!






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