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Download Unity3D here:

Download the Nightmares asset package from the Unity Asset Store here:  https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/40756

Sarah Sexton is a Technical Evangelist Microsoft, Chicago, IL.

Twitter: @Saelia | https://aka.ms/sarahsexton | www.SheBuildsGames.com | sarahse@microsoft.com

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/SarahSexton3/introduction-to-unity3d-and-building-your-first-game 

Phase One:

  • Learned about the Interface
  • Customized the workspace
  • Built the Environment
  • Added music

Phase Two:

  • Imported the player character asset
  • Learned about Animator Controllers (AC)
  • Made animations by creating bool(ean)s, triggers, transitions, setting conditions, etc.
  • Set Rigidbody physics to give your player gravity, set constraints, set collision boundaries to make it collide with the environment.
  • Added sound effects
  • Added player movement scripts
  •  - Variables and Functions
  •  -- Awake, FixedUpdate, Move (Normalization), Turning (Raycasting, Quaternions), Animating

Phase Three:

  • Learned what Orthographic means, versus Isometric 
  • Wrote the CameraFollow script to make the camera follow our player character
  • - Public & Private Variables
  • -- Target, smoothing
  • - Functions
  • -- Start
  • -- FixedUpdate



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