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In this interview James Sturtevant talk with Bryan Soltis from Kentico.  Bryan is a Technical Evangelist for Kentico and has been working with Azure since it was in beta.  In this video he talks about a tool developed internally to help manage Kentico's Improvement Program, which is an optional program that gives anonymous feedback on features being used directly to Kentico.  Bryan talks to us about why he chose Azure and more specifically why he chose Azure Table Storage.  He even shows us a quick glimpse of the code used to query Azure Table storage.  

Bryan is on twitter at @bryan_soltis and he writes on Kenitco and Azure on his blog.

Table of Contents:

[00:07] Introduction

[02:13] Choosing Azure 

[04:21] Azure Tests

[05:03] Azure Table Storage vs SQL

[07:51] Displaying Schemaless Data

[13:45] Shaping the product through data

[15:30] Keep in Touch



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The Discussion

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    Anthony Varghese

    That music at the beginning of this video is THE MOST OBNOXIOUS MUSIC I have ever heard - it has a much higher volume than anything in the video itself.

    The only thing I could think of after hearing it was how can I stop this and never hear it again.

    No way to concentrate on the video itself after hearing it. I would be highly averse to watching any other video in this series.

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