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Hello Internet, and welcome to a She Builds Games: Video!

My name is Sarah, and this is a video about how to set Visual Studio to be your default script editor in Unity 3D.

We know that Unity already comes with MonoDevelop built in, but Visual Studio has many advantages as an integrated development environment, such as better bug tracking tools, better auto-complete features, and mobile device emulators that automatically let you capture screenshots.

I'm currently using Unity 5. This part is easy:
Edit > Preferences > External Tools > Click the External Script Editor Tab > Choose the Visual Studio file.

If you don't see anything but MonoDevelop here, that means you just need to go download the Visual Studio Tools for Unity. It's free and easy to find by doing an internet search for VS Unity Tools. After you've downloaded the one that matches whatever version of Visual Studio you already own, then this option for Visual Studio automatically shows up in this drop-down list in Unity.

If you have any feedback, or wish to share a video of your own, hit me up on Twitter @SheBuildsGames.

Thanks for watching, and keep on building!

Links to resources:
Download Unity3D 5.1.2: http://unity3d.com/
Download Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity: https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/20b80b8c-659b-45ef-96c1-437828fe7cf2



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