Edge of Tomorrow: Exploring Microsoft’s New Browser

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David Giard's presentation at MidwestJS 2015.

Edge is Microsoft's new browser and includes a complete rewritten rendering engine for both HTML and JavaScript.

Edge is faster and more standards compliant.

In this session, I will show you the new features of Edge, designed to benefit both end users and developers. I will show you how Edge supports current web standards, such as WebGL and SVG. You will learn about the Hub, Cortana integration, Offline Viewing, and many other features of Edge. I will even show you some open source projects that will make it easier to create applications that run on Edge.


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The Discussion

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    Hey, that was a fast review!

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    I applaud innovation in the browser market. But for many of us, none of this matters as long as we cannot use our password managers in it. The internet is increasing in risk, and password managers are essential. So I occasionally try Edge out. I test my software with it. But I can't/won't use it for serious browsing because I have long, human-unfriendly passwords, and I am not going to copy and paste them from another application when IE and Chrome have plug-ins for my password browser.

    Either the makers deal with this, or they will lose people like me. Unfortunately, according to a RoboForm survey, only 8% of the 1,000 people surveyed said they use a password manager. But I would imagine we are thought-leaders among our friends. So don't expect us to lead anyone to a new browser that won't support our password managers. 

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