Live from Build 2016: All About IoT with Pete Brown

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At Build 2016, Jennifer Marsman spoke with Pete Brown about the state of IoT at Microsoft.  They discussed the difference between the Windows IoT and Azure IoT offerings, how people are using IoT today (including some amazing 8th grade students who created a project that will be used in space), the pre-configured solutions in Azure IoT Suite, connected cars, connected refrigerators, the Microsoft Cognitive Services, and how to get started with IoT. 

[00:20]: Difference between Windows IoT and Azure IoT offerings

[02:41]: How are real people using IoT today? 

[05:55]: Pre-configured solutions in Azure IoT Suite

[06:37]: Connected cars

[08:30]: Connected refrigerators

[10:30]: Object recognition and the Microsoft Cognitive Services

[12:50]: Getting started with IoT and other resources






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The Discussion

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