Live from Build 2016: Fast and Tiny Visual Studio Installs with Tim Sneath

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At Build 2016, Jennifer Marsman spoke with Tim Sneath about the new Visual Studio installer.  Historically, Visual Studio has been a very large download which takes some time to install.  This process has been streamlined to a 322 MB install, which Jen and Tim install OVER THE WIRELESS NETWORK AT BUILD in less than 5 minutes.  Try it yourself at

[01:32]: New Visual Studio install screen

[02:15]: Begin the installation

[02:49]: What is included in the core editor download?

[03:35]: Let's grab some random code from GitHub!

[04:50]: Discussion of installation pack options 

[06:00]: How does Xamarin installation fit into this?    

[06:53]: How easy is it to go back and add additional options to my Visual Studio installation? 

[07:11]: Installation has completed!    

[07:23]: Launching the new Visual Studio (and Jennifer notes that it runs side by side with existing VS 2015)

[08:10]: New "open folder" feature (without solution or project file) 

[08:59]: Colorization

[09:34]: Where are language extensions stored? 

[10:22]: Team Explorer  

[10:52]: How big are the other Visual Studio installation options?     

[12:59]: How do I go back and add more Visual Studio installation options?

[13:51]: Resources



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