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    Hmm.... so now YASMLT.....
    Yet another service / model / language /  tool

    I will have to see what they are saying.... 

    I recently did some stuff with the service factory and found that was less than I hoped for.
    it did not help with several key issues in defining a service set as it required model chnages to target ASMX or WCF and had a number of anoying bugs.
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    It's so cool to get paid for... hmmm... actually more "fun" than "work".
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    OK Now that I saw the video here are a few things:

    1) sounds like some of this is the same ideas that we first saw in VS 2005 Team Foundation versions of VS.

    2) given the tools in TF and given the seperate tools in Expression and now this how many tools might a dev wind up using?

    3) seems like I recall some work that has been done to try and make apps based on design patterns but I have not seen it in the main stream.

    I recall with the VS 2005 wave a lot of talk about "Software factories" but I have not heard this term used in the last year or two.

    so given 1,2 and 3 and the WF and WCF bits  and all the rest I am not so sure we are ready for another wave just yet, or are we?

    I really like the idea of using tools to build parts of a system so that I can spend my time on the more creative parts and the things that the tools can't do.

    but I do not want to see more SKU's of more apps to work with and I wish that even now most of the VS TF stuff was in VS Pro
    (sans the server)
    for example VS Pro does not get Code Profiling ... but VS TF sku's get it...
    I do not like going between expression and VS to work on SIlverlight and WPF apps... 
    so I'd really like to see work done in the next wave of VS and tools to work on letting the DEV with VS Pro decide what tools he will use inside of VS Pro w/o having to jump thru hoops.
    in many cases (like me)  one dev has to cover the *WHOLE LIFE CYCLE*
    sure in a large corp. setup therre may be the assortment of different folks doing different bits but I think a lot of folks are more like me where even if you work in a large corp. you need to do a lot of things to get it done. and you can't really explain it to upper mangers to get them to buy all the tools you could use.
    cause then they figure the project is to big and turn it over to a bid for a team.
    when you can do it w/o the tools but work harder.
    but if you had the tools you could do more and look better.

    Ok long winded but a valid concern I think.
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    Not sure what that meant?  I hope you realize I write a ton of code and sometimes have to hold off on the videos till I get some work done...

    or if I got it worong then tell me what you meant?

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    I mean it's great to work on "research" project. No customers(!), almost unlimited time.
    Even if you know your project will be "multiplied by 0" with 99% probability it still more "fun" than "work".
    "Customers" are boring and can (will, actually) ruin any good intention and enthusiasm.

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    Ok, the way your reply was written I thought you were saying someting to me about my first comments.... you were really speaking to the topic more than to me.  Got It.

    yeah, like what I posted, MSFT has built a ton of tools but sometimes I think some of that engergy gets scattered and does not reach the rank and file dev.  I'd really like to see a bunch of the teams spend some time on putting all this back into the basic VS V-Next as part of the standard  and Pro SKU's and not a "flea market" of 101 different tools.

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    Hmm... interesting vid. A bit low on information density.
    The possibilities are endless but in the end this, like VSTF, will have its success depend on what general managers in all business contexts need. A not too demanding WYSIWYG that gives them the basic overview and data they need will make them buy and install this. They don't want to have to model anything themselves, they want it ready to use for general repository purposes (business processes, services repository, template and webparts repositories, "whatnot" repositories). Hooking this system into Government strategies like COBIT or anything else they recognize, would probably help immensely.
    All developer benefits and possible productivity increase are usually in the category "nice to have". I am intrigued with what they might improve within WCF and WFF though... Smiley
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    I too remember the buzz about "software factories".  Nobody outside of MS really knows what the heck Oslo is, but it sure sounds similar. 
    I'm sure it's good stuff, but it comes close on the heels of WCF which (it seems to me) has an extraordinarily low adoption rate...

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