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Adam Nathan is giving a talk at the PDC on Thursday about making an application "light up" on Windows Vista. To prepare for the talk he created Very cool version of the Internet Hearts game. Here we visit his office to get a good look at his application and what developers can do with Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly known as Avalon). Adam wrote more about this on his blog.



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The Discussion

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    omg, WPF and XAML are just AMAZING, Wow....nice work Adam.
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    Adam Nathan
    One minor correction for any PDC attendees reading this: My talk is on Thursday (FUN318) - not today.  [EDIT: I see this has now been corrected above.]
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    Very Cool Smiley

    What was the program, the one that said "What was that?" is it a speech recognition app for vista?
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    Adam Nathan
    Yep.  All Programs -> Accessories -> Accessibility -> Speech Recognition.  It already handles a variety of commands, so if I say "Play," for example, it invokes Windows Media Player.
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    Very cool app, Now I won't get any "real" work done today, I'll be playing with this kind of stuff.  Great job, thanks for the info.
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    You're going to have to get someone to re-do Spider now, my mum's got high expectations now!!!

    Great stuff.

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    OMG. The video inside the cards in XAMLPad were cool. I want this on my mac .. Apple? Are you listening?
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    I'm loving Avalon... but you guys do realise that you're not going to be able to kill that name... I mean, WTF WPF?!! Perplexed

    You're taking an uber-cool piece of technology, with a pretty cool name (Avalon) and trying to rename it with some lame acronym - I can understand the need for branding, but this is just insanity! Insanity I tells ya - I mean who wants to develop on something called WPF?... Furthermore, do we really need to be giving more acronyms to the world? I think I'm going to have to start a new cause - People Against Bloody Acronyms (perhaps I could call it PABA)

    I love the part of this video where Scoble asks "what's WPF?", after having pointed out that Avalon is now called WPF earlier Big Smile

    WPF indeed.
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    Whats the flashing light gadget thing on your desk?
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    Adam Nathan
    Schneider, jump to 36:36 in the video for an explanation of the flashing thing. Smiley  It's a (somewhat) binary clock.  And the glowing sphere next to it is an Ambient orb showing the state of the stock market.
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    :O If WPF is powerful enough to drive 2D and 3D(meshes, lighting) graphics, why do we still need DirectX?
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    wilson wrote:
    If WPF is powerful enough to drive 2D and 3D(meshes, lighting) graphics, why do we still need DirectX?

    Yes, if you need high performance and full control over your scenegraph and messagepump (CAD apps, or FPS games) go with direct3d. Chris Anderson told us, we should wait for avalon quake, but that was a joke obviously. Smiley
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    I have one of those clocks too, and they are very clear in calling it a BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) clock and not just a binary clock.  You can find them on thinkgeek.  I find mine quite readable, and I like to make people figure out what it is instead of just telling them.  FWIW, computers used to do math in BCD to make the input and display functions much easier.

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    Hi Adam,

     What type of hardware specs was used to run the Windows Aero and WPF features? what spec do you recommend? I'm shopping for a laptop that can run Windows Aero and WPF sufficiently.

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    Hi Adam,

    Is the sorce code still available? seems to be down.



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