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Mike Hall takes his camcorder over to talk to Anil about his media box that is controlled by his Bluetooth phone. Lots of fun, he built this for his house so he could party with his friends.



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The Discussion

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    We randomly found out 1 day that my freinds phone could control windows media on the laptops people had brought in.

    Fun times had by all [A]
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    "Don't look into the camera!"

    That should be C9's new slogan Wink
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    That's some serious bling, yo!  Cool

    No really, that's pretty cool.  Definitely some neat possibilties!

    Can't say I'm a big fan of the "saying" the name of the song.  It's neat, but not very practical.  Reading what the name of the track is on the phone would make more sense (not sure if his stuff goes two way though).
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    Head on over to my blog to learn more about how we created this box: .

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    Anil_dhwan, you should get some guys to make a Windows CE 5.0 firmware for the Microsoft MN-700 broadband router. The WPA on that thing is SLOW, so I use WEP. It uses Windows CE 4.2 now I believe....please fix it lol!

    Btw cool stuff with your media should build a whole bunch and sell them.

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    Keyvan Nayyeri
    Good job.
    I enjoyed this video specially his explanation about his designing process.
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    Cool, about to start a bluetooth CE project.

    Thought that the managed wrappers for bluetooth were the only option.

    Need links...

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    You can actually use the managed wrapper we've created to build your own Bluetooth based applications for Windows Mobile/WindowsCE devices.

    You can download a copy by visiting: Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth Technology .

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    Super Cool guy!

    I love his enthusiastic & hiphop-rythm speakin'!Smiley

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    That was extremely cool and that guy is really funny.

    Does anyone know where one could buy a single ICop device in the UK without paying a ridiculous markup?
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    Does the audio card in the system support digital (SPDIF) output or only analog output? Generally analog output from a PC sound card sounds really muffled compared to the original source.

    If not are there any sound cards with digital output that have CE 5.0 drivers for them?

    And/or does anyone know of a CompactFlash digital audio output card for Pocket PCs? If so I could stream audio from my music collection via WiFi to an old Pocket PC of mine connected to a music amp and get decent quality audio out.
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    I'm glad you liked the video.  The box we used for this does not have SPDIF output, but there may be others that do.  Most PocketPCs I've seen have a headphone jack that  can be used to connect with an external speaker.

    Searching for your request on the web did not yield any matches, so there may not be an external sound card for these devices Perplexed.

    From an audio quality perspective, I'd imagine that this box produces output similar to that of portable MP3 players or iPod like devices.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Anil,

    I would like to study your VC++ code. Can you upload a copy of your code?



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    hi Fellow Geeks,
      Do any of know how to control voice recording on windows mobile pc's ?

      I am trying to write a program that runs in the background and records the users voice while allowing the user to do access other programs.

      Any ideas or any tricks.


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