Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie and team - Microsoft CRM 3 preview

Play Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie and team - Microsoft CRM 3 preview

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    Scobble, send a company-wide email telling everyone to install some screen recording software. Maybe there is some screencast software out there that could just be run straight from a server and would'nt require any installation.  Anything is better then staring at blurry monitor images shot from the camera.

    Besides that I wish I actually had a 'Channel 9' as one of my cable stations Wink

    Wow, just watched should've posted this there.. hehe [6]
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    I must say that they've made a LOT of progress since version 1.2. I'd like to have a crack at that one sometime.

    And you have to love how the guy says "Visually Studio"!! Hehe:D

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    We are using MS CRM 3.0...

    We had to add one custom report (made in VS 2003 Business intelligence project).

    We have added via Reports --> New --> then Selected contract.Rdl (it was contract report) --> selected other relevant fields --> pressed Save and Closed.

    Now reports works fine on this server...when we asked other user to check this reports from their system..

    Surprisingly all the reports for other users stopped working...Whenever user clicks on report tab --we get MS error dialog saying --
    "An error has occurred. for more information, contact your system administrator.
    Try Again or Cancel"

    Can anybody help what's going on in CRM 3.0 over here?

    If anybody has got any solution...Please reply me at any help will be much appreciated.



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