CLR Team Tour, Part I - Preparing for the PDC

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Joe Duffy, program manager on the .NET CLR team (that's the technology at the heart of .NET apps) and he takes us on a tour of the CLR team. You meet some of the smartest people at Microsoft (and most accomplished developers and architects).

Starting with Jan Gray, who talks about the trends in processors.

At about 14:22 Joe takes us over to meet Joel Pobar, who talks about his PDC talk "writing a compiler in one hour."

Then at 23:13 we move over to meet Krzysztof Cwalina, program manager and Brad Abrams, lead program manager on the CLR team, where they talk about language design guidelines and what they'll be discussing at the PDC.

In the videos you'll see Charles Torre helping interview with me (Scoble) on camera.


CLR, PDC 2005



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