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    A lot of words, maybe. But not difficult to understand.

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    Law XXIII, Norman Augustine [Wulf]

    "Software is like entropy. It is difficult to grasp, weights nothing, and obeys the second law of thermodynamics; ie,it always increases. "


    "Software systems are like cathedrals; first we build them and then we pray"

    S. Redwine

    Software Engenieering is still in its infant years (Relatively young field)

    Sure we can talk about memory allocation and other plumbing a framework (operating system) could handle (really should be solved by a new hardware deisgn) 

    But what about the relative cost of hardware/software. Where’s Moore’s Law for software?

    We have low productivity, "wrong" products, poor quality, constant maintenance, and if it doesnt change, it becomes useless...
    Even when one deliver new gadgets, technology transfer is too slow...
    Nirvana would be when the software industry has found its soule, and its products are avilable to a much broader scope of people..Not just the welthy and lucky ones..

    Its ironic that Microsoft has contributed to Bushes campaign, when his blind war on Terrorism has made the world to a more fragile place than ever before.

    The US uses more on its military than the rest of the world combined.

    At the same time about 35 million Americans lived in poverty in 2002, which is 1.7 million more people than in 2001

    We are talking about global trade and globalisation. But do you know what?

    In % global trade are on the same level today as before world war one.

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    Christopher Brumme is a genius.  When will we see another blog post from him?
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    Frank Hileman

    I would like to hear Christopher expand on this transactional programming idea for application programming (not stored procedures) for simplifying hard exception handling, such as OOM. What sort of concepts would the developer be dealing with? How would the application be structured for "rip-down" componetization?

    How would the conflict between declarative and imperative developement styles be resolved.

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