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On the Channel 9 team we get a ton of email. It's overwhelming at times, actually. So, we were very interested when Eric Horvitz (Microsoft's most prolific inventor) said "I have something that can help."

That something is the Outlook Mobile Manager. It prioritizes your messages and makes smart decisions about when to send email to your mobile device. It also adds lots of other features to your mobile phone.

Anyway, Eric is a joy to listen to cause he's one of Microsoft's smartest people (works in Research) and talks about some of the research he's doing into how to prioritize email.

Here's the relevant Websites for the Outlook Mobile Manager:

Outlook Mobile Manager home page (you can download it there now).
Article by Rob Kries about OMM.

Oh, and as an aside, we asked Eric about some work he has been doing with biologists on understanding how the nervous systems of small invertebrates work, some other work going on in his group at Microsoft Research.



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The Discussion

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    Nice app, it always amazes me how these applications are created. (Like how do you analize the emails etc. etc.)
    I think the next version (well kind of a new app) should be just the normal Priorities for windows mobile, because more and more people start having pocketpc's with phones combined like the HP iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger series.
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    If I remember, there was a feature such as this in one of the previous versions of Exchange... but I had not used it much.

    And I could not find it in Exchange'03.

    Glad to see that its back Smiley
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    Does this software work with outlook 2003? i have installed it and when i open Outllok Mobile Manager a dialog pops up, one of the option is 'choose the outlook profile to be used' there is an empty list, and i can not press the ok button, it would say "Please choose a valid profile".

    I have checked in the registry and i see there is empty pofille keys in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OutlookMobileManager
    i see there Profile1, Profile2 .... but there are no value under these keys, can somebody look up in their regsitery to see what values need to be, i wil try to imitate and see if it works
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    I got the same problem with Outlook 2003 on Windows 2003.  I checked my Mail Control panel and it shows that I have an active profile, so I don't know what's wrong.  
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    I am having the same symptoms, though I have not looked in the registry. Windows 2000, Outlook 2003.
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    Maybe that it only works with outlook client and exchange server

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    On the issue discussed above, there is a system requirement for OMM that some people are running into: OMM is a MAPI-enabled application and requires an Outlook client AND an Exchange server.  This system will NOT work with an Outlook client connecting to a non Exchange server.  We are looking into the ability to use non Exchange servers with OMM.

    We have put up a System Requirements \ FAQ on the OMM download site:

    Darren (OMM Test)
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    The system requiremenst doesn't mention Exchange, it says Outlook and WIndows Xp or Server 2003.

    System Requirements
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows XP
    This download works with the following Office programs: Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
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    I have Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and connect to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, but still it does not detect my profile.

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