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Cell phones are starting to become really powerful computing devices. They are getting high res cameras, GPS's, better screens, more APIs, and even hard drives. To find out what's the latest we visited the Windows Mobile group and found Ford Davidson  (he's a product manager on the Windows Mobile team) and he gives you a tour of the team and talks about the latest in cell phones (you meet Eric Engineer and Peter Bernard).

That Samsung with a 3GB hard drive is sweet!

Are you a gadget freak? Then you MUST watch this video! The demos of cool devices are at about 20 minutes into the video.

The Websites mentioned here?
Windows Mobile team blog
Windows for Devices



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    The Discussion

    • intelman
      That is freaking awesome, if only money weren't an issue!
    • amazzitelli
      It´s great!!!!!, but how much it will be cost?
    • intelman

      Orbit86 wrote:
      at 1:27..didnt you hear the music..I forgot who plays it but its awesome..

      btw with remotely wiping the phone, what if someone takes out the battery? or if the battery dies?

      As soon as it turns on again, I am sure it'd be wiped. If they really wanted the data, they could remove the battery, take out the minidrive...

    • Cybermagell​an

      I'm really glad that the Project Manager is happy about the technology and such...but I think he just cheeses it up WAY too much.

      1. We know the product name

      2. We know it's gonna be "great"

      3. Quit refering to everything as "AWESOME"

    • OfficerJoe
      Great stuff. I'm definitely going to be an early adopter of Windows Mobile 2005. I think full-blown PDAs are in for some trouble with the way smartphones are increasing in capabilities so dramatically.
    • s_jetha
      I agree.
    • dahat
      Oh how I dream of a time when such fantastic devices are available on CDMA networks, or perhaps when GSM carriers move into the backwaters of placed like South Dakota.
    • davesipaq


      Microsoft really needs to have some sort of RSS Aggregation!! Also giving users the flexibility of downloading podcasts without using third party apps..

    • GaryBushey
      Surprised that the airline let him have a smartphone on while the plane was in flight.  Most attendents are not savy enough to know that you can turn off the cell phone portion of a smart phone.  I got in trouble a couple of times with mine.
    • GRiNSER
      wow, the phone pauses the music when you get a call and afterwards it starts to play where it stopped - awesome!
       ..uhm.. well, that does every phone i know which has a music player...
    • DuNuNuBatman
      Are the download speeds capped? It is going to take me 3 hours to download this video...
    • Refrax

      do you know if sprint will have any WM5 smartphones? i currently have the i600 running 2003SE and it is a solid phone. when i first got it i charged it and have never rebooted it. used the extended battery to keep me going for the long trips. sprint is very slow at releasing cool phones.

    • scobleizer
      DNuNuBatman: they aren't capped on our side. Sorry for the slow download.
    • DuNuNuBatman
      Sweet, it looks like I will be getting a new phone to play with this fall...
    • DuNuNuBatman
      scobleizer wrote:
      DNuNuBatman: they aren't capped on our side. Sorry for the slow download.

      Nah, it's probably just my connection. I like your videos btw. I like seeing what you guys are comming out with without reading a ton of documentation... It gives me one more reason NOT to learn Java Wink
    • ezu
      Orbit86 wrote:
      at 1:27..didnt you hear the music..I forgot who plays it but its awesome..

      btw with remotely wiping the phone, what if someone takes out the battery? or if the battery dies?

      It's "Voodoo Chile" but i haven't recognized if it was Jimmy Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn... that simply ROCKS!
    • Khamul
      I'd love to be able to comment on the video, but despite my highspeed broadband connection the video is going to take another 12:00 hours. Rediculous. 4.36KB/S. Sad

      EDIT: Something suspicious is going on here - as soon as I switched from Firefox to Internet Explorer, the downloads back at 40kb/s. Hmm.
    • Anando [MVP]
      Notice the Nokia 3650 behind Ford on his right about 41 minutes ? Are we trying to put WM 5.0 on the Nokia phones too ? Tongue Out
    • DuNuNuBatman
      I don't think so, my download speeds from keep fluctuating. Right now I am downloading sharepoint at a whopping 6.92KBps
    • moofish
      With GPS in ones phone, and presumably ones friends, which consequently would allow one to see where they are on the world stage, does this mean that one would NOT now have to pay the international charged rate when receiving a call from abroad?

      Currently mobile providers make a killing by using the excuse that the caller does not know where the recipient is residing and as a result that recipient must pay the inflated international charged rate, but with GPS this would not be the case.
    • IanBlackburn

      Great video - lots of interesting info re mobile 5 and new devices. 

      Thought you may be interested in the work we are doing with local government in the uk - using a free mobile app we give to the public to report grafitti and other street incidents in a far more efficient way than through the old paper route.  (

      That camera api in 5 is going to be a big win for us, it is a pain getting multi-device support for that currently.


    • bonk
      I just can't wait to get my hands on HTC Universial (aka T-Mobile MDA-4, aka 3G SPV)

      T-Mobile promised to get it onto the market this summer in germany. It leaves nothing left to wish featurewise, allthough it is kind of big .... I look at it as a subsubnotebook with highend connectivity Smiley

    • meder

      Wow, pretty cool to hear Peter Bernard mention smartFeed.  He's pretty much on the money... smartFeed is a podcatcher for the MS Mobile platform.  It's built on top of the .NET Compact Framework and it's available for free (absolutely no strings attached).  Kevin and I have sunk a lot of hours into this baby and we'll continue to do so because we use it every day.  smartFeed is by far the most exciting project we've got going on right now.  Please check it out and let us know what you think.  You can get it at  I know this is kind of a shameless plug, but I just spent our entire marketing budget on my daily cup of coffee and now I have to take advantage of every opportunity I get =)


    • jorgen_veis​dal

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