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Jakob Nielsen - Directing the Dynamics/UX team


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It's Dynamics day on Channel 9. Here we meet Jakob Nielsen, director of user experience on the Dynamics team. Wait a second. Don't enterprise apps always have ugly user interfaces? We talk about that and more.


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  • You can't have a UX team... UX is a perception, something you can work to improve... Don't you mean UI, not UX... Two very different things.
  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy

    We call those teams "User eXperience" teams. It's deeper than UI, which is why UI doesn't quite fit.

  • DCMonkeyDCMonkey What?!?
    This Jakob Nielsen? http://www.useit.com/

    Ok, maybe not:

  • SeeJSeeJ Dedicated coffee and computer addict...
    No, not the same, but he´s Danish too, though Wink
  • Wayne TaylorRamblingGeek​UK Backup People!

    Ok first thing I noticed is his M200, mine has gone back to Toshiba with a broken keyboard and a cracked bezel.

    They have said it won't be back to me until sometime in May! [C] I have logged a complaint.......

  • Man he didn't show or demo the products that suppose to be released in Jun. Sad.  With any other MS product they show the beta a year before it comes out, but Dynamics is all top secret.
  • Hi, I am on Jakob's team of User Experience people and am one of the Interaction Designers.

    You got a point that UX is more than UI. That is why we do more than UI Big Smile

    We have been part of defining all the Roles you may have heard of in our Role based applications. We work with marketing to define branding, we are a big part of the conference called Convergence where we have a lot of interaction with Customers and Partners. We are also part of the planning of new features, of gathering requirements etc.

    Of course we do UI. That is what we spend most of our time on, because that is a pretty big part of what people experience Smiley

    The the comments about Jakob's name, trust me, he gets that all the time.  Funny thing is that both Jakob Nielsens are from the same university in Denmark.
  • jaylittle wrote:
    ara3n wrote:Man he didn't show or demo the products that suppose to be released in Jun. .  With any other MS product they show the beta a year before it comes out, but Dynamics is all top secret.

    That's because they were showing them during Keynote/Sessions during convergence.  You wouldn't want to steal the thunder away from executives, right?  Anyway I believe they should the next NAV interface during the Gates keynote and that should be available on the web so..... have at it.  Essentially try to imagine something that looks like Office 12 with a Ribbon UI control.

    During Gates keynote, they were showing Dynamics AX not NAV. I guess they will look the same.

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