Mike Hall - Build a new Windows CE operating system in less than 10 minutes

Play Mike Hall - Build a new Windows CE operating system in less than 10 minutes

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    At paris Devdays, the team introduced for a few minutes Win CE, and told us it was possible, but it's better seeing it now!

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    If you are interested in seeing more embedded videos on Channel 9 then feel free to post a list of topics you'd be interested in seeing.

    - Mike

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    Skriker V1.0
    Where can you get hardware to test/experiment with CE?

    scobleizer wrote:

    Mike Hall builds and debugs a Windows CE operating system for a new device right in front of you. All in less than 10 minutes.

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    Hi Mike,

    One video I'd like to see.

    If I generate a Windows CE 5.0 emulator image, how can I debug through .Net CF code on that specific image?  Is it currently possible? There are issues that I come across that repro only on custom devices Smiley

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    yes, totally doable, take a look at the following "Get Embedded" article on MSDN - https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnembedded/html/embedded052504.asp

    The trick here is to use the Smart Device Authentication Utilities and to configure the "Device" options in Visual Studio .NET 2003.

    Let me know if you have any questions...

    - Mike
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    Hello Mike,

    i am intreseted in seeing vedios in the fllowing topics:

    1.Customized device driver loading
    2.how to make customized driver as default driver
       ( I mean I developed a display driver and I want to make it as default driver to be loaded at the time of image downloding)


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    I think it would be neet to see a video showing start to finish building a "custom device" specificly for x86 to act as a "desktop" operation system (like how AMD has the Personal Internet Communicator) and show from the begining of its building to its instalation on another machine the whole process. I know for me if I am building a custom design in platform builder I dont always know what components I will need or dont need and what is optimal for the hardware I am configuring. jsut a sugestion. great job on the video
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    Forget CE5, I want that cool phone!
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    Greeting Mike!
    I need to create a TTS engine for Windows Mobile 2003 SE. Can you tell me where can I get needed SDKs (I think it's SAPI 5.0 for Win CE)?
    I also need a sample tts engine.

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    Hi Mike,



    I m working on STB porting of WINCE6.0, I am assign the task of writing WINCE display driver. The STB has its own display engine and its associated   set up routines.

    The final objective is to make use of windows apps like Internet explorer and windows media player

    As per my current understanding windows apps follow this architecture


    a)                         Windows apps----->Direct show ----->Direct draw--->-------->Hardware.


    b)                         As per web there is Direct Draw HAL
    Directdraw ------>DDHAL --------->Hardware.

                             It says something DDGPE too.

    GPE class is inherited by DDGPE and further our display Class should inherited DDGPE.


    GPE--------à--------DDGPE----------à-----------our display class.

    In our display class shall I write code for overriding following functions?




    Getmode info



    As of now the BSP is completed and we r able to see the desktop using remote desktop. We need to route the desktop to the STBs display engine.

    Pls provide me your suggestion.
    Any article, white paper, video would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance



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    Can you give a link for installing Platform Builder 5.0 ?
    It's urgent!

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    I have learned that PB comes in Win Ce 5.0.
    I have built an os image using my sbc's bsp on win ce platform builder. But when i wanted to install image to board, the process stopped on the "Download Runtime Image to.." step.
    It didn't progress.If you help, i'll really be very happy:)

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    At last we have installed wince 5.0.The problem was no changing boot.ini file settings.
    But now, i haven't run .exe files on os.I have learned that i have to add my exe files to project.bib file.
    But clearly where i copy the exe files first?In VIABSP_x86_Release directory?
    And whenever i want to install a program, must i add this to that file and rebuilt again???It's too interesting, isn't it?
    Or what are the real steps?
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    hi mike,
                i wanted to knw how do we develop application programs using C# and burn it on a chip with a windows embedded ce 6.0 processor.i want to develop a wireless handheld device?

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