Mike Hall - Network Enabled Refrigeration Device (and pranks at Microsoft)

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April 1, 2006 -- Mike Hall uses Windows CE for everything. Including building a network enabled refrigeration device (NERD) with the NERD feature pack, released today.

While you're watching that video, we also have some other videos for you to consider this weekend (sorry, downloads won't be available for these videos). These are all about fun pranks that have happened at Microsoft over the years:

Mardella Brekke and Dee Dee Walsh
A crazy assortment of pranks, from adding flames to cars, to creating web sites to mock co-workers.   

Larry Osterman and Dave Norris
Dave relates old-school Microsoft pranks, including the fact that he started the "blibbet"!   

Paul Yuknewicz
Paul talks about hazing new recruits and office decorations.   

Habib Heydarian and Anson Horton
A joke that only works at Microsoft: creating a bogus spec for a brand new Whidbey feature months before release.



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