Owen Braun and Chris Pratley - Talking about OneNote

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Chris Pratley and Owen Braun, two of the guys who run the OneNote team, talk about how they came up with, and built, OneNote. Don't know what OneNote is? It got a nice review in the Chicago Tribune!

"It's all made possible by what has to be one of the most innovative and productive pieces of software ever invented."

Chris Pratley has an excellent blog where he gives OneNote tips.





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The Discussion

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    Ahh! Nice video. Smiley Well done with OneNote.

    I always keep at least TwoNotes.
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    Sorry, last month's travels finally caught up with me. There's a bunch coming in July, though, and as Beth Goza gets going we'll have a ton of fun here.
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    Andre Da Costa
    I really need a Tablet to take advantage of OneNote. Its an awesome application when combined with Tablet, on the desktop PC, its more of viewer for fewing OneNote files "exchanged" between a Tablet.
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    Andre Da Costa wrote:
    I really need a Tablet to take advantage of OneNote. Its an awesome application when combined with Tablet, on the desktop PC, its more of viewer for fewing OneNote files "exchanged" between a Tablet.

    I thought so, until I attended a training and took notes with OneNote.

    It's really quite nice - it'd be better with a notebook, but it's quite nice without it.

    The big difference is the absense of ink - it's hard to make reasonable drawings with a mouse.

    But for note taking it's really nice.
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    Nice video. I like the part where he is talking about the development process and the influence of the customer to a product. *THUMBS UP* guys.

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    Speaking of OneNote, you might find an interesting set of videos on StationeryIsBad.com.
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    Pimp Daddy
    I have OneNote installed on my laptop and I use it all the time. It's an incredibly useful tool because it avoids me having tons of notepad documents open at the same time - instead there's just one icon in my system tray. Apart from general note-taking, I've also used it to aid exam revision.
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    Orbit86 wrote:
    maybe you guys at MSFT are trying to get the fact that Longhorn Beta 1 was suppose to be available to MSDN subscribers in june "sneak by" but..

    What do you do.. sprinkle every thread with your whining about longhorn?

    give it a rest already.
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    I don't have TabletPC, hell I don't even have a laptop, but I use OneNote on my desktop. I type all that I want into it and I share my development pages with the rest of my team. Its really useful and very productive. All my developers have adopted it now and working on a project without it seems impossible!

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    Robert, are you going to add offline (.wmv) version?
    My connection is poor and i can't watch the streaming Sad

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    Pimp Daddy
    RaiN wrote:
    Robert, are you going to add offline (.wmv) version?
    My connection is poor and i can't watch the streaming


    scobleizer wrote:
    Here in the United States it's our Independence Day weekend. Have a great weekend and see you on Tuesday. Sorry for not being able to get the download file up, that'll be up on Tuesday.

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            I wish Mr.Scoble does a video about interns, working in MS this summer. We have seen a lot about the life of devs, testers, and PM's but not much about summer interns. 

             Mostly the interns work under the Office Umbrella and some of them do work for teams like One Note, Outlook, ...... as it is a great way to begin. How do I know this ??

            Well, I interviewed for summer PM position in the One Note team and Owen Braun was one of those hardcore guys who gave me a tough problem to solve.  

           But I frankly think that One Note is a cool software but they have to rethink about the strategy to drive it as a non tablet Software. 

    P.S.- Hey they did give me a free copy of One Note after the interview. That's what I like about Microsoft.


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    Andre Da Costa
    I guess I was mistaken then, probably I should start utilizing it more for snippets of information such as quotes or anything I find of interest on Internet. More like a scrap book. But I really want a Tablet though, so can put the inking capabilities to good use.
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    lol, i love the suprise... exactly like me.... ".... dude?!"

    /me watches the rest of video
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    OneNote Big Smile

    Laptop, uni confrence room, heaven Big Smile
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    Another thing OneNote can do it keep files in it. A mini-file repository if you need to share project files or something. Just drag a Word doc or something into OneNote and see Smiley
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    nice video...

    I always wanted to use OneNote for taking notes, but I didnt had laptop, and desktop machine is not that great to have notes, coz you cant access them when u need them badly Sad...

    so after I got laptop, first thing which I did installed OneNote on it and tried it... and its amazing, now I will for OneNote to try on TabletPC, I am sure its gona be great experience Smiley.

    btwn I was wondering if this feature is there or not in OneNote, I am kind of finding it since many days... and I really needs it..

    its like sub-linking other notes.

    I got Index Page or something for my notes..
    1 - Test 1
    2 - Test 2
    3 - Test 3

    and then I got other notes with detailed Test 1 and Test2 and Test 3 thing, so what I would like to do is, when I click on Test 1 it should automatically open up that detailed Test 1 thing.

    if its possible to do, let me know how to do it. and if not, then any plans to include?

    Dhaval Faria [MVP - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional]
    Founder, Managing Director
    Hirdhav Software Pvt. Ltd.
    http://www.dhavalfaria.com/ - My Blog
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    Been reading Chris's blog for a while. He had a few interesting posts about Word's history and development, but they got Slashdotted and became rather heated, so it looks like he switched to the safer topic of OneNote.

    Must say he looks very different in the video than in his press photo.

    I bought OneNote when it was still full price at £160, but I really don't use it as much as I should/would like to. Guess I'm not even organised enough to make notes, let alone file them correctly.
     I still think it is a very cool product, and a good example of the quality MS produces when they are not being constrained by backwards compatibility concerns.

    Can't wait to see what is added in V2, so long as there is an upgrade price available.
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    I agree, I also cannot wait to see what is in V2.
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    eddwo wrote:

    Must say he looks very different in the video than in his press photo.

    Man - looks like his previous employer was Knight Industries!

    I'd read his blog, but it might be a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist..
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    I'm a happy user of OneNote--I use it for (software) engineering notes on my desktop machines. I actually use it there more than on my tablet. It's easy to drop stuff in and find it later. URLs, references, SQL, XML, code, notes, whatever. I find the "Note Flags Summary" particularly useful as well as I can use it to get a summary of all the to-do lists I've made for myself, sorted by date, title or section.

    Scoble,  I need the downloadable video too, please.

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    The_Toaster wrote:
    • Best of all…OneNote is heaven for those of us who are unorganized and like it... or just love to pile our stuff, notes or other, all around.

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    As I'm watching Scoble's new video…I'm even typing my post/reply in OneNote…On my desktop PC…..Warning: don't get caught in the mental box of thinking this program is just for tablet…I've never used it on tablet...Desktop is always my primary envn(notice 3 monitors)...laptop is just for meetings and on-site stuff.Warning2: I'm a OneNote Junkie…OneNote is a conglomeration of Word, HTML, and media on crack (unofficial description) …I am a OneNote Junkie….can't wait till RSS is added into the mix!!!


    My Fav uses:

    • Sharing notes and documentation between my team members.
    • Making documentation with screen shots for my apps.
    • XML for manually testing a Web Service.
    • My Code Notes
    • My Accomplishment Notes
    • My Screen Shot Notes…errors or other
    • Notes in a meeting
    • Flexible documentation and notes
    • I have a tab for each project I'm working on.
    • Clipping web pages/grabbing image
    • Best of all…OneNote is heaven for those of us who are unorganized and like it... or just love to pile our stuff, notes or other, all around.

    Thanks Chris and team for SP1...!  Looking forward to your blog and new uses of OneNote…My RSS Bandit welcomes you and your crew.


    Office 12….yeah for OneNote and RSS!!!!!! Can't wait….I'm ready to alpha test RIGHT now!

    (if we got the video out in BitTorrent or "Avalanche"...i'd be happy to share my bandwidth)

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    Where's my download???
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    amotif wrote:
    Scoble,  I need the downloadable video too, please.

    Thanks, Robert!

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    Hi There,

    I have been a ghost here on channel9 popping in and out without leaving a trace behind till now, but for OneNote, I feel the need to join the theeming millions in thanking the OneNote group for bringing us this killer app.

    I don't have a tabletPc but work on Desktops and Laptops, AND I am a pen user!! I use WACOM (www.wacom.com) pens because of RSI complaints with years of using mouse. Basically I use the pen for the function of mouse till OneNote came into my life, then I discover I can draw on Desktops and Laptops. Guys, a whole new world opened for me. I hate paper notes because I am always lossing them, and I never can find where I wrote what.

    OneNote gave me a true note taking experience. Before OneNote I was experimenting with the Whiteboard function of Netmeeting. Not many people knew you could save Netmeeting whiteboard, but you can. You can draw and pen in it. But nothing compared with OneNote functionality.

    Now I am liberated with note taking, there is no going back for me. I have written a request for support of ink on desktops in OneNote newsgroup, and was told that the quality/resolution of Wacom pens is less than that of TabletPC so OneNote cannot support ink on desktop pc. Still I feel the OneNote group should give it a shot because I believe this will remove the notion that OneNote is basically a Tablet app.

    Once again, thanks guys for a wonderful application, and bringing note taking to life.

    - McAkins

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